Food Fight

“Food Fight”

A Solo Performance about Eating Disorders

Written and Performed by Judy Freed

This boldly honest one-woman show portrays the poignant reality of food compulsions through original music, monologue, and movement. Judy Freed, a psychotherapist and performing artist, takes the audience on a deeply personal journey of recovery—frightening and humorous, touching and triumphant—revealing stories of struggle, strength, and survival.

A guided discussion follows every performance, giving audience members an opportunity to reflect upon and safely share about their personal experiences.

Live performances or DVD screenings with audience Q and A may be brought to your community. Packages include combinations of performance, DVD screening, and facilitated workshops on themes of recovery, body image, autobiographical performance, and creative expression.

DVD’s and Blu-Ray are available for purchase.

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Video clip: “The F Word” (5:09).