Experiential Group Therapy

Experiential Group Therapy

Psychodrama is an experiential method of exploring and expressing thoughts, feelings, challenges, hopes, and visions.

It is a powerful way to—

  • Identify internal thoughts and feelings
  • Increase awareness of habitual patterns and reactions
  • Practice new behaviors and approaches to old problems
  • Connect more deeply with self and others in an authentic way
  • Safely give expression to a range of emotions
  • Enhance one’s repertoire of personal and communal resources and strengths
  • Experience inspiration and renewed creativity and spontaneity

In a circle of safety and support, we identify common themes. Individual and group dramas unfold to address those themes therapeutically. This work has the potential to create powerful healing for all who are present, and each person is invited to participate at the level that feels right for him or her.

Judy offers ongoing psychodrama groups on specific themes, as well as open groups.

Psychodrama groups now forming:

  • Women’s group
  • Healing for Healers group
  • Disordered Eating group
  • Personal Growth group