Food Fight Testimonials

“Food Fight” Testimonials

“Touching, heart-opening, funny, and informative. Through song, monologue, and movement, this piece revealed a secretive struggle, left me filled with compassion, and inspired me to reflect on the thin line between being in and out of control.”
—David Mosenkis

“Judy’s ‘Food Fight’ was delicious and disturbing all in one. Personally divulging and gracefully shared. She brought us all to the family table and the hospital with her—mixing a dash of our own pain with hers, universally connecting on themes of healing. She pulled it off with grace and creativity! My favorite was the DSM Blues song—mocking therapeutic diagnoses today. Thank you, Judy, and may we all step up to the plate to tell our stories in a loving way so that they haunt us less and give way to freedom.”
—Aviva Perlo

“A masterful integration of original songs, story telling, acting, movement and body percussion to tell the story of a life-long struggle with food, family, and false therapeutic messiahs. Food Fight is by turns powerful, moving, funny—and ultimately both honest and uplifting.”
—Rivkah Walton, MFA

“I just wanted to let you know how AMAZINGLY brilliant, relatable, humorous and healing the experience yesterday was! I loved:
that it felt like a healing circle
encouraging us to be out in the open with our problems
the way you used simple props—brilliant!
the way you used the space and your voice and body—brilliant!”
—Meridee Winters

“I was privileged to see your show today and just needed to tell you just how stunningly impactful and terrific you were. I was so impressed by your beautiful voice and writing talent and your courage to tell your story and the wonderful acting. Absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much.”
—Ellen Gayda

“Creative, comforting and courageous. From the first moment, I felt totally taken care of by you—knowing that you would be taking me on an important journey, through which I would emerge better off than when I began. That’s your power as an artist. You show us what vulnerabilty really is so that we all can trust that very same quality in ourselves. We heal as you heal. This is your gift. Your pieces show off your brilliant, snarky, original and trademark lyrics! Your movements are beautiful, so poised and calm. Thank you for the fullness you bring to others. You feed our souls.”
—Scott Fried

“It was such a gift to me to be present at your show yesterday. You are such an amazing, authentic, courageous and truthful soul. I was so moved by your sharing of such deep pain, sorrow and ultimate joy and love! You present this in such a unique and loving way, it touches everyone’s heart. This is not only for people with eating disorders, it’s for anyone wanting to be a truly authentic and truthful person on this planet.”
—Ron Pizzi

“You have a gift, and that gift needs to be shared with the world. You get right to the heart of the matter, and into the heart of the audience, poignantly, with a bittersweet edge.“—Marjorie Ibsen

”You are inspiring to me. I am almost dying from my disorder. You gave me strength to fight.”