Individual Therapy

“Thank you for bringing me back to life; for introducing me to compassion; for listening to me through my tears; for encouraging me to re-find my sense of self. Thank you for guiding me through the beginning of an incredibly difficult, but rewarding, journey. You will never be forgotten.”

“I just want to thank you for all you have done for me in the time we have worked together. Your guidance and support made such a difference, and really helped me start to move forward in my recovery. I appreciate that you pushed and challenged me to look at things a little differently. Your calm, warm, and gentle approach and presence made the work easier. I will hold onto all that you have taught me and helped me to see….”

“How wonderful, challenging (in an excellent way), and awesome it has been to work with you. Thanks for the gift of the space and thoughtful analysis.”

“You were instrumental in helping me repair and restore my marriage. The lessons I learned from you serve me well to this day. I shall remain eternally grateful.”

Group Therapy

“I just wanted to thank you for all of the help you have given me. Your groups allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of myself. You possess remarkable insight and make connections that astonish me. Often you are able to articulate ideas that I cannot word for myself. Whenever I leave one of your groups, I feel refreshed and revived…. You have given me optimism when I was immersed in negativity. You encouraged me to discover my true identity and separate myself from my eating disorder. I can’t thank you enough.”

“I love your groups. Thank you so much for all of your help, expertise, and knowledge, and for being a part of my recovery.”

Training for Professionals

“Judy is an incredible trainer with keen insight and great integrity. Her ability to read the group and individual’s energy and to identify what was needed led to powerful transformation. Judy has clear vision and compassionate wisdom which she utilizes to stop negative patterns and create positive change. I highly recommend the workshop to enhance clinical skills and to deepen awareness.”
—Nicole Levin, LCSW

“Judy Freed is one of the most creative and compassionate therapists I have had the pleasure to work with. Her insight and ability to find helpful interventions make her an excellent choice for both the seasoned and new professional as they continue their training.”
—Judy Nelson, LSW, MSS, CP

“Judy, thank you for beautifully handling my own sharing of overwhelming emotion, while offering good training to the rest of us. Thank you for creating a safe container in which to do our work, to learn and to grow.”
—Marla Fisher, LCSW

“You were fabulous! I noticed so many things that impressed and touched me at the same time: your pure intent, the calm flow of your energy, and your mindfulness.”
—Gwen Gold, MSW

Classes and Workshops

“I wanted to thank you again for such a rich and wonderful experience this afternoon. It was truly a gift to each of us who participated. Thank you for freeing up wonderful energy in me. Your clients are very lucky to have you.”
—Christine Eberle, MA, Director of Campus Ministry, Gwynedd-Mercy College

“Working, learning, and playing with Judy is a joy as she combines great compassion and a knowledge of the human psyche with childlike joy. Anything she does, she brings her best.”
—Sandy Freid, M.Ed.

“I loved Judy’s dynamic teaching. Her class was so much fun and easily accessible to students across a wide ranges of ages and backgrounds.”
—Sara Mosenkis

“Chipping Away” CD

“Your music has been so healing for the women I work with, and has been particularly edifying for me this last year. ‘No Other You’ reminds me why I need to keep fighting and that I’m part of a bigger picture. Thanks for all that you do. You have made quite an incredible difference in this world.”
—Lori Licker

“I listen to your CD every day. I am so amazed that someone is willing to make music about what is true. Your lyrics are often very funny. I laugh out loud about your ‘tried to make a date, but we had to make a date to make that date.’ … Bravo.”
—Jen Kulb

“Wow! Such wonderful songs, which evoke a range of emotions in me. You sing about the human condition in a unique and daring way. You capture our strengths and our fragility in a potent mix. Bravo!”
—Marjorie Ibsen